Friday February 22nd 2008, 2:41 am
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CINEMA SEWER #21 — This issue is a mixed bag, with articles as varied as “Ted Bundy: Porn made me do it”, a comic book by Phil Barrett and D. Otis about the discovery of the “Refinements In Love” film print behind the screen at the Fox Theater, a review of the Wendy’s training video “Grill Skill” by Mike Sullivan, and SO MUCH MORE!! $6 (price includes shipping in North America, overseas is $7)

SLEAZY SLICE #2 — 60 BIG PAGES!! This is the comic book anthology dedicated to debauchery! This issue has 20 pages of comics by yours truly, as well as Sverre H. Kristensen article + rare comix (Jan Bruun wrote a beautiful 1 page rememberance of SHK on the 10 year anniversary of his death for this issue of Sleazy Slice), David Paleo, S.C.A.R, Putrid, and lots of others! With a lovely cover by Mike Myhre! $7 (price includes shipping in North America, overseas is $9)

RETARD-O-TRON 2 dvd — Oh, you need this, trust me. Twice as awesome as part one — this time with audio commentary by myself and two surprise guests, and a subtitle commentary by Roelewapper who masterfully edited this bad boy together. If you aren’t easily offended, and want the worlds greatest party dvd — or even just something to throw on while having a beer with your homeys and homettes, THIS IS IT!!! Comes with an amazing reversible cover (by the impossibly talented VINCE and the amazingly hilarious JB3!), and an 8 page dvd booklet and an ORIGINAL DRAWING on each disc drawn by me! This one will NOT LAST LONG. ($20 — price includes shipping in North America, overseas: order from here: )

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