Josh Simmons in the House, yo
Sunday July 15th 2007, 4:46 am
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Oh, forgot to plug this when it came out a few weeks ago: It’s Robin M. and I interviewing comic book creator Josh Simmons about his great new scary-ass graphic novel HOUSE on the Inkstuds show. We didn’t set out to talk about such filthy stuff, but it ended up that way, and it never actually got played on the radio show because of it — just this podcast.

And remember, if you haven’t seen Josh’s 20 page comic “A LAND OF MAGIC” which is — in my opinion — one of THE MOST disturbing comics ever made, you NEED to paypal me $7 shipping included ($9 intl) for the 60 page SLEAZY SLICE anthology I put out. It’s really great. Paypal to:

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