THE CUMMING OF JIZZUS (Set Diary. Day one)
Monday November 13th 2006, 3:43 pm
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Set Diary for The Cumming of Jizzus

Day 1
(November 11th 2006)

It was a day at least 4 months in the making. It was somewhere about that long since scriptwriter Karina Jordi provided us with the script/idea we’d need to roll this project in motion, and investors had been nailed down. The project?

Cinema Sewer presents: THE CUMMING OF JIZZUS.

The relatively short 4 hour shoot for the first day of creating this triple X bible story provided some very exciting results. My friend Chelsea directing, myself producing, doing sound (and doing whatever else I could on set to make things go smoothly), and “The Horny Swede” and Jelina on Camera — deftly capturing all the action.

For the rest of the story (complete with NSFW pictures) continue on to my LJ:

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