Monday January 18th 2010, 3:44 am
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Hey, did you know I produced a XXX movie?

It was shot years ago, and finally came out this week! And you can order it from me! Here is the hype:

It’s a pornotastic res-errection when Jizzus Crust, the greatest cocksman of the holy era, drops his loincloth and anoints you with his blessed juices! Thrill to the whores of Babylon, as they eat of his flesh and drink of his cum! Lo, feast thine perverted eyes upon: testamental toe-sucking, prophetic piss-drinking, sacred squirting, anointed ass-licking, faith-filled fisting, and holy humping!

So reconcile with your deities and don’t you dare miss the greatest story ever blowed. He’s well hungeth and will masterfully tongueth any and all sinners who will lay bare their souls (and bodies) unto him!


Starring: Matt Daddy as “Jizzus Crust”
Directed by: Chelsea Chainsaw
Produced by: Chelsea Chainsaw and Robin Bougie
Story by: Karina Jordi
Dvd cover by: John Howard (Of “Horny Biker Slut” fame!)

Special features include:
*Turn the other buttcheek with an extensive behind-the-scenes photo gallery and set diary by Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer magazine.
*Original art by Robin Bougie on each and every dvd!
*Also: A blooper reel! Who doesn’t love those? Always awesome.

Order it here for only $12 (plus shipping) right here

And check out some of the phranky philthy photo-packed set diaries right here

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