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Prices (including shipping) are as listed below:

CS #22, 44 pages, $6. ($8 overseas) Cover by Sean Donahue of
Articles about: Flapper girls, The Exterminator, Teenage Juvenile Delinquent movies, Canada Customs, Lost Sexploitation movies, Kidnapped Co-ed, Private Parts, Danger Diabolik, Rip-offs of Ridley Scott’s ALIEN, a gorgeous 3 page comic by Jim Rugg, Jamie Summers, sleazy comics by Hugo, and MUCH MORE!

SS #3, 68 pages, $8. ($10 overseas) Cover by Jim Rugg of
Includes comics by Robin Bougie, Josh Simmons, Scar, Mike Myhre, David Paleo and Hugo! YOU DARE NOT MISS THIS! It’s the finest issue of Sleazy Slice yet!

DEAR MR BOUGIE…, 40 pages $6. ($8 overseas) Cover by ME! ^_^ This is a fat collection of the *best* of the dirty dirty dirty CS book drawings for fans that I’ve been posting on this blog for the last year. Will the drawing in YOUR book be included?!

You can order everything in this post in my store at:

Cost of a Subscription GOING UP
Just so you guys know… thanks to Canada post raising their rates for mailing to international and US destinations by almost a third, I will now have to raise the price of subscriptions to $25, and for $35 for overseas. I hate to have to do this to you but I HAVE to do it. I can’t keep losing money.

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