Monday November 27th 2006, 3:08 am
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Yes, more pics and ranting about the first Cinema Sewer porn production!

It took a while to get started since the first snowstorm of the season held up our stars, and some other minor distractions kept us from getting rolling until an hour after we’d planned. Undaunted, we carried on.

The tale collected in our little digital cameras this time was the glorious story of how Jizzus Crust brings a saucy dead slut back from the netherworld with only the power of his biblical TOUNGE and holy BEARD! Then he pounds his dong into her a whole bunch, and everyone leaves happy. THE END… but is it?
The rest of the story: HERE

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THE CUMMING OF JIZZUS (Set Diary. Day one)
Monday November 13th 2006, 3:43 pm
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Set Diary for The Cumming of Jizzus

Day 1
(November 11th 2006)

It was a day at least 4 months in the making. It was somewhere about that long since scriptwriter Karina Jordi provided us with the script/idea we’d need to roll this project in motion, and investors had been nailed down. The project?

Cinema Sewer presents: THE CUMMING OF JIZZUS.

The relatively short 4 hour shoot for the first day of creating this triple X bible story provided some very exciting results. My friend Chelsea directing, myself producing, doing sound (and doing whatever else I could on set to make things go smoothly), and “The Horny Swede” and Jelina on Camera — deftly capturing all the action.

For the rest of the story (complete with NSFW pictures) continue on to my LJ:

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Friday November 03rd 2006, 3:22 am
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Yes, it’s dropping… THE JOHN PROJECT!

AS usual, paypals me $5 ($7 overseas) for a copy
mindseye100 ATTT

or mail well concealed US or Canadian cash to

Robin Bougie
#320 – 440 east 5th ave
Vancouver BC V5T-1N5

(retailers, email me for discounts)

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